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“With more effort on the field comes more belief in yourself.”

For years, Maluka Football has been supporting passionate footballers to become better athletes. Today, we make our champion method and varied exercises for professional and elite players also accessible for larger groups. These classes are aimed at young footballers at the start of their training and run throughout a season. Welcome to Maluka Academy.

Maluka Football is known for its impeccable quality. At Maluka Academy, we live up to that reputation with a complete approach focusing on all the skills that are crucial in modern football. Technique, coordination, agility, speed… Every detail matters. In addition to the weekly training sessions, there are also games or tournaments for our members who continuously prove themselves and bring maximal energy.

Who, where and when?

It’s about the right match

Although we work with larger groups, places are still limited. That is why we organize a test day twice a year. We want coaches and players to get to know each other, as this helps us to find the right ‘match’.

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During our sessions, it is about the drive of the players and the energy of the coaches: rising sprint after sprint, advancing pass after pass and improving step by step. In order to optimally assist all members of Maluka Academy in their progression, we set clear goals, founded on a certain level of skill. After all, for us, as a team of trainers, not only our own experience as athletes counts; we also have the necessary competence as a guiding mentor. We know what it takes for a successful synergy, hence the meticulous selection. Furthermore, thanks to our professional network, we can keep refining and renewing our methods and insights. As we evolve as coaches, we can provide our members with even more tools for growth.

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