In a game, you play for the team. On training, you compete with yourself. Go!

We welcome young players from U6 to U12 – with or without a club.

Wherever the love for football originated, the process of becoming a complete footballer really begins at Maluka Academy. During weekly training sessions, we teach players from U6 to U8 the basic principles of ‘the beautiful game’. For U9 to U12 players, we focus on specific abilities in, for example, agility and ball control. In every step, first-hand guidance by our coaches is crucial.

During most school holidays, we host a camp for large groups.

Spring, summer, autumn, winter… When school is out, we go out on the pitch. We organise camps of 5 (half or whole) days, assembling dozens of players who prefer the real experience over Playstation games. These intensive group sessions develop both individual skill and team spirit. You learn from the coaches and from each other. Keep improving, jump after jump and cone after cone.

Promising or professional players progress even more in 1-on-1 sessions.

When you come to training, it is not about what you get from us, but about what you give yourself. From first touch over sprint to finishing drill, 100% is always the goal. You are keen to keep advancing, right? During or after season, take advantage of our private coaching. We know the ropes and happily share our expert experience in exercises that are tailored to your ambition and drive. Book a session, make progress.

Get informed in a few clicks with
these frequently asked questions.

Can anyone join a training?

We accept players from the age of 6.

How much does one session cost?

A group training (with maximal 5 players) costs 20 EUR per attendance. Players of 10 years and up can book an individual session for 30 EUR.

What does a typical training entail?

Every training focuses on speed, technique, intensity and agility. By repeating specific moves and actions in a wide variety of exercises, we develop ‘perfect’ skills.

How can I register for a session?

To register, send us a message on WhatsApp (no calls). You will receive a confirmation, also on WhatsApp. If there are no more places or sessions available, you will not receive a reservation or confirmation. For an efficient operation and an optimal impact on the progress of each player, we deliberately keep the offer limited.

Is Maluka Football a football club?

No, Maluka Football only provides additional training sessions for players – not entire teams – who are committed to progress in every aspect of the game. Our approach complements your club’s coaching.

What if I have to cancel a session? Or what if I skip training?

If a player cannot attend, we ask that they cancel 24 hours in advance via a message on WhatsApp (no calls). In our organisation we try to respond as flexibly as possible to changing circumstances, but we also have to ensure the continuity of our operations. In case of late cancellation or unannounced absence, the session will still be charged.

Where and when are training sessions held?

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
16h00-18h00 14h00-17h00 16h00-18uh0 Depending on
Sportpark Groot Schijn


* Please note: this schedule can change at any time. For the most recent information and updates, we would like to refer you to our channels on Instagram and Facebook.

How long does a training take?

A session takes on average between 60 and 75 minutes.

When can I book a 1-on-1 session?

For these high-intensity, individual training practices, we currently focus on school holidays and Wednesday mornings (before 1 pm). Prefer another time? Let’s discuss and make an appointment that suits your schedule better.