Cherish the champion

“You can bet your boots our coaches never stay on the sideline.”

Your success is not defined by a trophy. It’s about the obstacles you overcome, training after training. It takes limber muscles and a strong mind to meet your goals on the field. True success is in the resilience to keep improving; knowing your strengths and facing new challenges. We provide you with the right insights, testing your skills in a wide variety of exercises and drills. The will to discover your limits and the strength to exceed yourself time and again, that is what embodies a champion.

Eager to know more about our offer and approach?

At Maluka Football, we combine the love for the game and the passion for coaching. As active sportsmen, we understand what it takes to progress as a football player. That pitch of 60 by 110 meters is our field of expertise. Our CVs are filled with FCs, and – more importantly – we are determined to pass on that experience to enthusiastic players. Supporting and empowering young people, encouraging athletes and helping them take that extra step every time… We give a new generation of top talent every opportunity.

Let’s create more opportunities

Excellence is key here. It is the foundation for the personal progress of players as well as for the growth of our organisation itself. Anyone who shares our values is welcome to subscribe to our holistic vision of football as an occasional or structural partner. Together, we can create an even better future for many young, promising players. Together, we look ahead with great resolve.

Proof of our philosophy

At the Academy, I really improve my passing – and my panna’s

Djibril, player

Great to see how the kids give all they’ve got, even after the training.

Bram, fan

The best skill I’ve seen from the boys on the pitch? Progress.

Marcus, coach

We believe talent can only flourish with the right support.

MDJ Sport, partner